Iivi Anna Masso is a political analyst, lecturer, writer and consultant based in Helsinki, Finland. Educated in Finland as a philosopher and political theorist, she got her PhD in Political Science from the University of Helsinki in 2006 (Dissertation: Democratic Legitimacy and the Politics of Rights, Helsinki University Press) and has taught courses and published articles on democracy, human rights, multiculturalism and international politics. She earned M.Phil. in Political Science from the Central European University (1999) and MA in Philosophy from the University of Helsinki (1997; MA thesis Hannah Arendt om totalitarismen). She worked as a researcher and lecturer of Political Science and Practical Philosophy at the University of Helsinki in 2001-2008, focusing on contemporary political philosophy and democratic theory. She spent 2000–2001 as a visiting scholar at the New School for Social Research in New York City and 1998–2000 as a doctoral student at the CEU in Budapest, majoring in political theory, international relations and comparative politics. She works in English, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian.

In 2010-2015 Masso worked in Estonia, first half of the time as the editor-in-chief of a monthly foreign policy magazine, Diplomaatia (a publication of the ICDS in Estonian and English), and later as an advisor to the President of the Republic of Estonia.

As independent analyst and writer Anna has contibuted to several newspapers and magazines, given talks, taught courses and consulted public institutions as well as private companies. She has done radio talk shows as well as voice columns for the Finnish public broadcaster Yle and has written regular columns for the Estonian daily Postimees (2009-2012, 2016) and the Finnish online news site Uusi Suomi (2007-2011). Her current topics of interests include political trends and ideologies in Europe, transatlantic relations, the future challenges of digital society and diverse human rights issues.

Iivi Anna Masso is an outspoken proponent of humanism and liberal democratic values and is not affiliated to any political parties. She can be contacted at iamasso/at/me.com.