More on Jews, Nazis and the Baltic peoples

In this story in the Jerusalem Post the Baltic nations are again accused of creeping Nazism because of their willingness to study and condemn the Communist crimes and to compare them to those of Nazism.

The story reflects the misleading notion, promoted currently by the Kremlin, that an honest research and judgment of the Communist past of the Soviet Union somehow should imply denying or excusing the Holocaust – while in fact, there is no competition between the recognition of those two horrific totalitarianisms of the last century.  If one tried to respond to all stories like that, it would take a lifetime. However, I do suggest that the above JPost article be read together with this earlier posting in my blog that reveals that at least in Finland, the activists who call the Baltic peoples Nazis in fact act in concert with people who expose Hitler-style anti-Semitic rhetoric about an alleged “global Zionist conspiracy”.

I also suggest that you take a look at the Estonian writer Imbi Paju’s homepage, for an impressive amount of materials on the Soviet as well as the Nazi occupation of Estonia and the Baltic states. There are also materials from the Estonian Jewry Archive, information on the historical research on the occupations, and an article on the situation of Jews in pre-war Estonia in the Jewish Chronicles from 1936, calling the tiny state “an oasis of toleration”.

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